SSH is a remote login program (secure shell). You use it to connect to other server's via a terminal.

It is recommended to setup an SSH key, with a config file and autocomplete so you can easily (and securely) connect to your servers.

You can login with a private key as below, however it is trivial enough to setup a config file and far easier once done - I highly recommend it!

ssh -i ~/.ssh/my_private_key

How to setup an SSH Config File

!!! Note: you must use two spaces in the below format - otherwise it won't work!

Create an ~/.ssh/config file.

You can add as many hosts as you like in the following format.

host my_alias
  Hostname ip_address
  User ubuntu
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/blah.pem
  IdentitiesOnly yes

Now, to connect to the above alias my_alias, simply use:

ssh my_alias

How to generate an SSH public and private key

Run the following and follow the prompts.


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