Learn Web Scraping


There are a number of fundamental parts of a successful and efficient web scraper which allow you to collect data unobtrusively, quickly and cost effectively.

You will need to learn to how send HTTP requests and process HTTP responses, how to parse HTML, JSON and other data types, how to clean and format this into a database, and how to route your requests through proxies (and change user agents) to simulate users and reduce your chance of being blocked. Ideally you would also need to understand the cost involved with emulating Javascript, and how you can avoid it. You will probably want to implement some sort of parallel programming as well to get the job done faster.

Get started by learning some terminology

Read on to find out how to build your own efficient web scraper from scratch.

You will learn about basic HTTP requests and responses, proxies, user agents and how to parse various data types such as HTML and JSON.

The best way to learn it to first understand the various components that make up a web scraper.

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