Website Scraping / Information Gathering / Data Extraction

Our ethical website scraping services are tailored to your requirements - no matter how small or large your project is. We write bots, and develop software to scrape websites - turning html and websites into structured, usable data.

As a full service data provider once you give us a job we simply supply you with the data, in a format which suits you - such as a spreadsheet. This service may be a once off, or it may be ongoing with regular data updates emailed to you.

There are plenty of use cases for data extraction services, including business intelligence / competitive research, sales lead generation, competitor pricing alerts, market data, security research and tons of other applications.

For example, as a mid sized eCommerce provider you may often loose business to a competitor who modifies their pricing regularly. Scraping their website for pricing data with weekly updates could help you gain a competitive edge - driven by data.

Crawling the internet for data allows for statistical analysis and research which simply isn't possible as a human browsing the internet. This research can be used to drive business decision making, find new customers, identify target markets and more.

In a world with too much data it can often be hard to see through the white noise and make sense of what is valuable. Identifying a workable list of target data points and creating a data sample by scraping websites can help create succinct data driven research.

Applying this to business making decisions is not only logical, it will ultimately drive you more customers and make you more money.

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